More HUman…

Yesterday, with a team of head coaches, we eased tension in their heads by talking. We talked. We went into the 8 playbook (without them knowing it) and connected. We did not talk at them, leader, we talked with them. This is what makes BTL so unusual and exceptional.

We provide a process for talking with your teams.

Most leaders talk at their teams, especially during a coronakindacrisis. They put everybody on a Zoom call, nowadays, and make sure the team is on mute. The expert from corporate talks to the field, athlete, coaches, direct reports, or whatever is the audience beneath them, with a one way emphasis. The expert uses PowerPoint or some other fancy technology or terminology and hides behind their professional mask of choice. We are not involved or engaged. We are told what to hear and take it in passively. This produces compliance. This works. This is normal.

BTL teaches teams and leaders to talk with each other. Really talk. BTL teaches teams and leaders to be real and respectful. This produces commitment when done properly and coming from a place of truth in love. This is not normal. Your team is not doing great. Fact. You’re not either. None of us is designed to practice social distancing. We are designed to talk, touch, and be with those we work and live with. We are designed to be free and responsible, not simply be told what to do and hunker down. We are all struggling with this new normal. So, leader, now is not the time to act like you’ve got it all together. Now is the time to talk, really talk. This is exceptional.

Talk at. Talk with. Of course there is a time and place for both. The BTL leader knows when to be ccd and command the team to “Do this!” Good. Crisis demands crystal clarity around your asks, leader. Be clear. Ask the team to “play back what they heard.” Good. And, be curious too, my command and control coronacrisis leader. Engage the team. Talk with them. Be real. Share your struggles and fears, anxieties, and doubts. Prime the team by being the man, and the HUman. Remember, we stick it to the man. We stick with the HUman. Be the exception, not the norm. Be more HUman, leader. More HUman. Good.

Lets talk…

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