Power in…

Humans desire leadership. I mean come on man, when you really quiet yourself, there’s a deep desire to be well led, it’s just so rare to find someone worth our devoted follower-ship. So we seek the next best thing – autonomy. We attempt to become one of those self made women/men and quickly realize it’s not all that attractive but it sure is lonely. So we look again for a leader worth following with our whole heart. We want someone honest, forward looking, competent, and inspiring. Remember we are wired to become (autonomy) and belong (community). Oftentimes when we finally find one they look just a little too well put together, so we mistrust them and hold back on giving our best. Dang it all over again. So what is it that’s missing from a leader that seemingly has it all – they’re honest, forward looking, competent, and inspiring. In a word…
The final attribute that we humans want to see in our leader is that they can relate to us. We followers may not know much but we know that a safe leader is a leader that has suffered. I mean come on man, who can’t relate to dragging Ass. So, leader do not miss this. If you’re going to lead anything you are going to have to learn to embrace pain and suffering. You aren’t safe unless you’ve suffered. We stick it to the man, remember. We stick with the HUman. It’s alright to be vulnerable and share your struggle. In fact, we won’t believe you until we see your humanity, leader. Slow down and sit with this little nugget for awhile. Where do you need to get real, leader? Why can’t you simply admit when you’re in the dark? You are not meant to be the Shell Answer Man. Be you. Be real. You don’t have to cry and get all emotional but you do have to be vulnerable and share your struggle. Fact.
Humans desire leadership but we’re naturally leery and mistrusting of those above us. So, leader here is the challenge – you’ve got to figure out how to put power and weakness together. This is a crazy, counterintuitive “and.” There is real power in weakness. What are you doing to communicate real power in your weakness, leader? Slow down. Reflect. Next Zoom meeting don’t be afraid to tell the team you don’t have the answers, you too are struggling, and here’s your best take on the brutal facts of this current reality. Lay it out as best you can. Finish by telling them what you’re doing today and what you need from them. Keep it ccd and simple. There is power in weakness. Always has been.
Power in weakness. God, help us. Good…

1 thought on “Power in…

  1. This is my new favorite of the year. When autonomy matures, Friedman calls the resulting becoming “self-differentiated” — which truly is more “becoming” than when autonomy is infantile.

    True ONEness is truly becoming and truly belonging. Distinct and deeply connected — something truly worth yearning for. Together we transform — always together.

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