Walk the earth in…

I am an artist and an entrepreneur, in that order. I care more about mastering my craft than cashing in on my creations. I wear jeans and tees, talk about God and swear in the same sentence, and go deep with a few while figuring out ways to go deeper still. I am a leader in a team of leaders called the BTL band. We are a distinct and deeply connected, not with everyone, but with someone. We are designed exactly the way I want this band and we’re ready for a new expression as sure as I’m sitting here. Our purpose is what attracts us to each other and draws the right clients in as if by an irresistible, magnetic pull.

“Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all One – One L of a difference. ONE, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.” This is why we’re here. This is why we’ve chosen to band together. This is what attracts the few and repels the masses kinda like a Star Wars kind of force field. I know who I am, why I’m here, whom I want beside me and whom we’re meant to serve. The BTL band does too. This clear identity is what enables us to walk the earth in peace. Good.

Yesterday, I gave courage to a client who is one heckuva great dude. We’ve been working together for many moons and he’s made so much progress. He’s getting clearer on his identity but still gets confused with being who others want him to be. We all do, don’t we? So, I reminded him who he really is deep within and he told me I’ve been modeling the way (made me tear up too). He will walk the earth in peace as soon as he makes his peace with his identity. Same as me and you. Btw, for what it’s worth, I think he’s a Cowboy, an Artist, and one helluva entrepreneur. What do you think? Not about my client or me, friend, what do you think about your identity. Are you clear on the names you call yourself? Are you simply being who you are wherever you are?

Identity enables us to walk the earth in peace. Good…

2 thoughts on “Walk the earth in…

  1. And in my worldview and my experience, learning more about God is essential to learning more about yourself, since he created you in his image fearfully and wonderfully distinct and designed to become and belong deeply connected to him and to others. Also, God tells us what is true and what is false about our identity — and separates our identity from things that have happened to us, things that we’ve done good or bad, and things the world says define us. God, help me see myself the way you see me — nothing less, nothing more. Good.

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