Leaders make us feel…

Missi’s got the Instantpot going with Mexican night. I’m sitting on the couch drinking a Kentucky Bourbon Ale out of my favorite Made in Kansas City glass. We just finished another 90 minute Family Zoom and they just keep getting better. We’re connecting with our kids in Cbus, KC, Lakeworth, and Berlin. It’s been a blessing out of this bummer. We will continue this after Covidcraziness. Blessings and bummer are two sides of the same coin, aren’t they?

Another blessing was connecting with Krit (daughter), Fritz (Lockton KC producer), Wierema (Lockton producer and client in Chicago), Quinn (Lockton producer in Detroit and BTL client of Jiggles), Quinnermanwithaplan (former CompuServe teammate in Boston), Littlest Fricker (Best home builder in Cbus and dear friend), Brian (Lockton KC client and OP’s genius), Jon (CCC stud and BTL client of Rachel’s), Patrick (Efuse stud and former BTL practice participant), and Sara (Krits sweet boss at Lockton). The eleven of us rode together this morning on the Peloton bikes. We high fived each other all ride long. We video chatted with just about everyone, at least I did. We played together even though we were all a lone in our homes, apartments, or condominiums. It was amazing to see.

Here’s the leadership learning, friend. All eleven riders set personal records. You see Peloton lets you track your best results and shows them to you while you ride. Today, we weren’t fixated on our number. We were fixed on seeing each other and chasing each other. We were competing together and striving for our best. We had friends eyes on us and it pushed us to perform. So everyone got more out of themselves. You and I are not meant to go it a lone – High performers need iron to sharpen themselves. We are meant to move toward becoming all one, remember. Today, the Scott family moved from a lone toward all one – One L of a difference. The Peloton team did as well. You see, leader, all teams perform at their peak when they’re connecting, encouraging, and competing too. Thanks teams for showing up and being with each other. We got better today. We all did. I hope you felt it…

So, leader, remember this. It is your job to initiate these kind of connections. You’re not a leader if you don’t bring your teams together and they get better as a result. It’s your job to do hard things together and learn to do them well. It’s your job to initiate conversations and mostly listen as your team turns each other up. It’s your job to bring your non anxious presence and simply be with your people. Leaders are believers. Leaders are connectors to. The best bring out the best in others. Today these teams brought out the best in me and I sure hope they felt likewise. Leaders initiate. Leaders make us feel more not less and when we’re feeling it, guess what? We do more than we think we can. What’s your presence bringing to your teams? Slow down and reflect. Slow down. Leaders make us feel more. Do you?

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