Practice one…

Practice one. I love it and rarely experience it. So, yesterday, with a team of soccer stars, Tay and I kicked off practice one together. Tay’s becoming my wing man through his mastery of Zoomzoom and his ability to “and” my thinking. We are tasting some chemistry together and it makes me smile.

This soccer team was amazing too. Here’s why. Do not miss this. This is HUGE.

When we broke into teams of four they were honest and curious, almost it appeared as if by nature. They were articulate, thoughtful, respectful, and encouraging too. They questioned the aim at oneness, not because it isn’t a worthy aim, but because they’ve heard it all before and not experienced it anywhere. Wow. That was honest! They listened like animals being stalked and played back what they heard with incredible accuracy. They have three PA’s to complete and time with their new BTL buddy prior to practice two in two short weeks. We have every confidence these PA’s will be met with a “done so” attitude. This team already makes me smile in anticipation of practice two and practice two hundred too. You see, friend, at BTL we believe the aim at oneness is a worthy one. We do not dance on the surface and then fly off to the next team like some highly paid, talking heads. No. Never. BTL is for the few and goes deep with those willing to do the work.

My teams are on practice 308, 115, 40 (my favorite number), 17, 57, 263, 64, 29, 19, 53, 87, and practice 2 coming soon. BTL builder Gurue has a team with even more. He’s got a team on practice 432. FM, baby.

We, the BTL band, facilitate these team practices as outsiders on practice one. We are insiders well before 40. Fact. We want to grow old, but not tired with a few who love BTL, love being built, love each other, and love building others. We work with believers and make them more believable. We awaken, challenge, and transform a few from a lone toward all one – one L of a difference. One, distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. We are not for the masses; only the few. Maybe, just maybe, for you.

Good work, team, in practice one. Chemistry is coming. Good…

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