Action in ambiguity…

Practice 114 with a team of grapplers hit me hard. We heard a number of athletes struggling with the fight in isolation. Like so many I see these days, they are struggling with ambiguity. This is not easy when the “fog of war,” feels like a cloud in your living room. Many normal humans are struggling to stay in the fight when they can’t see the shore.

Great lives require action in ambiguity.

Florence Chadwick, back in 1950 set the record time for swimming across the English Channel, an amazing accomplishment of endurance. In 1952 she set out to swim from Catalina Island to the California coast. This should have been an easier feat except for one thing – fog. She had spotters in boats beside her but lost sight of the shore. Fatigue overcame her, at least it overwhelmed her mind. She gave up and got in the boat, not knowing how far from the shore she was. She had been swimming for 15 hours and didn’t know she was less than a mile from shore. Ambiguity stopped her effort. Two months later she would try again and again in came the fog. This time she chose action in ambiguity. What, you ask was different? Her mind, friends. You see, this second attempt she anticipated the obstacle in her way. She expected the fog and when it came in she countered it with her mindset. She visualized the California shoreline and told herself to keep working. So she did.

Action in ambiguity.

Masters in the art of living embrace action in ambiguity. They understand that it’s easy to act when we can see the finish line. Only the few maintain the discipline of productive action in ambiguity. Masters understand that Aristotle was right – Excellence is a habit. We are what we habitually do. Make it a habit friend – choose productive action in ambiguity. Start small. Do it again tomorrow and again the next day. After three days of a baby step, reach for a bit more. Rinse and repeat. Masters are made in ambiguity. Masters stay in the fight. Masters make this obstacle their way. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder. (Thanks, Teeks)…

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