Freed from fear…

Normal humans live in the comfort zone. Fear holds ‘em in place. When they do venture out in fear to do more than they think it turns into more of the same as they still have the mindset of “do or die.” This works but it takes a toll on the central nervous system. Excellence is fueled by love, remember. The excellent habit, friends is to replace the do or die mentality with the love fueled “dream and do.”

You see, friend, you cannot dream and do without facing your biggest fear – the fear of failure. Most of us avoid asking ourselves if we have what it takes, by simply doing what we’ve always done. We don’t test ourselves relationally, spiritually, technically, or physically, instead we play it safe and perform within the comfort zone. We do what we’ve always done. Somehow we feel anchored knowing we can pass today’s test – nevermind it’s still a test from 5th grade.

Dreamers, the kind who actually do stuff others say can’t be done, gotta get seriously inoculated from the fear of failure. The dreamer always has a leg up because she has a leg out. She’s gotten comfortable being unanchored. She understands the physics of growth. We mostly fail forward, friend. Don’t keep doing what you’ve always done. Dream and do. Practice doing what is beyond today’s reach but worth attempting to grasp. Go for it. Go for it because you love it.

Today, I’m doing something I love with a virtual team of sixteen others. I’m riding my bike in the basement by myself. Thanks to Peloton, my mind will think it’s racing these sixteen riders on a beautiful summers day. I’m going to push myself to my outer limits and embrace the suck. It’s going to be painful and purpose filled too. I’m not going to win this virtual race but my mind is made up that I’m going to do more than I think. Today is just another piece of mental scaffolding for my November 8th run from Marathon to Athens. I’m proving to my weak mind that this old body is stronger than I think it is. You see I’m dreaming about a spiritual moment running with Pheidippides back in 490 BC. I can’t wait to test myself on that road, so I’m testing today.

Dream and do, friend. Someday soon, you’ll be playing freely, filled with more love than fear, working hard and enjoying it. Freed from fear. Really free. Good…

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