Tour de Isolation…

Yesterday was Stage 2 of the 11 stage Tour de Isolation. Since the Tour de France is postponed until September and we can’t gather in groups to ride around here in Powell, I decided to start my own stage race on Peloton. Six mountain stages and five flat roads comprise this tour. We had twelve riders for stage one and sixteen for stage two. I’m hoping we keep adding more. We have a couple riders in their 60’s (me and littlest fricker), one fifty something rider from Boston, a handful of riders in their 40’s, and the rest are in their thirties. Half the riders work for Lockton Companies, an amazing privately held Insurance broker based in KC. We have one pregnant rider who is killing it and we have a few newbies who are showing up and getting better while facing serious competition that would scare most folks away. I love people that just show up, anyway.

Yesterday was another PR (personal record) for me. Here’s a little peek into human nature folks – it was for just about everyone that showed up!

We humans are not designed for isolation and don’t function even close to our peak when left a lone. We are meant to touch one another, push each other, praise our fellow colleagues, competitors, or collaborators, and make each other do what we can. Together we transform. Always together. Do not miss this fact, leader. Your team loves to play together and performs their best when they don’t know if they’re working or playing. Yesterday I played with a number of family, friends, and clients. We high fived, had a few video chats (I was too red lined to do more), and talked before and after. We did more than we thought we could. The race winner (Todorovich) whose total Watts output was 563, barely beat his fellow Lockton colleague, competitor, or collaborator (Mighty Quinn) who was side by side heading to the finish line and finished just behind at 560. These are staggering numbers they couldn’t do on their own. Wait for it, folks, here’s another sneak peek into us humans.

Imagine if these two worked together, you know, in their paid professions. Huh?

You see, friend, we too often see our fellow teammates as the enemy instead of an ally. We compete with ourselves instead of collaborate. Can you imagine the output your company could produce if your producers played together to do what was best for both? Can you imagine what would happen if your best athletes shared the secrets of their success with their teammates? Can you imagine what we could do if we didn’t care who got the credit? Every little game I play (I play a lot of ‘em), is helping some of my family, friends, and clients get better, and it’s making me a better builder too. Every book I re-read, every song lyric I dissect, every documentary I re-watch, and every client I build into, is an opportunity for me to study, learn, and apply – not to get smarter, but to get wiser. Our greatest leadership challenge is not leading our team or staying ahead of the competition. Our greatest leadership challenge is not out there, in fact, at all. Our greatest leadership challenge is the challenge of leading ourselves. Our biggest challenge is getting out of our own heads and out of our own way. Fact of human nature, friend.

You and me, we’re allies, right? How ‘bout we all start acting like it just a little bit mo? Here’s to hoping I see your sorriness at Stage 3. Show up. Invite someone to play with us. Invite someone who will crush us with their output and someone who needs us to give them courage to just keep pedaling. Make some new friends. This Tour de Isolation, you see, isn’t a closed system. It’s open to all that want to show up, high five, have fun, and push for performance. It’s open to you, friend. Who knows you just might meet a fellow collaborator. We are all on the same team, you know.

Live hard. Love harder. Good…

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