Reflect. Write. ACT…

Practice 19 with a team of Coaches was freakin’ magic. One shared a struggle she was ruminating about. There is a lot of ruminating going down during this time of coronacrisis, isn’t there? So, I stopped her mid-sentence and reminded her that she is not a cow (maybe not the best choice of words). You see cows have an organ called a rumen. Cows, you know, ruminate because it’s how they digest their food. They eat grass and “chew the cud.” We humans don’t have a rumen but we do lots of ruminating in our heads. We chew on thoughts, don’t we.

Reflect, don’t ruminate.

We humans are at our best when we are reflective ACTionators, not ruminating cows. Reflect. Write. ACT. This is the habit of the mentally strong. The reflective ACTionator, as we call them at BTL, slow down and reflect a lot. They write their thinking and get clarity. Then they ACT. Remember, you can do more than you think. Slow down and reflect, don’t ruminate. Write. Pick a baby step and ACT. Do more.

Reflect. Write. Act. Good…

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