2020 O.P.U.S….

Here’s the latest rinse to my/our OPUS. The BTL band aligns just enough – same for family, friends, and clients. The road to clarity continues. Author and live yours, my friend. Slow down and sit with this rinse for awhile. If you’re a client of ours, I hope you see these words in us.

Overarching Vision:

“Our big dream is to whole heartedly and with deep seated humility, live our magnum opus along this highway of orange we call the Builder’s journey. Our aim is to become elite builders of elite individuals, teams, and leaders. We want to be tough, tender, and transformational. We want all willing to passionately engage in BTL practice, to experience being built. We want to grow old, but not tired, with a band of core centered families, friends, builders, and clients who love becoming BTL, who labor in love, love each other, and who attempt to embody truth in LOVE. Our aim is, together, to transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE -distinct and deeply connected. Our aim is to transform the way teams work together, at least the teams who practice with us. Our aim is to become a band of builders who performs better when we learn to play together. We want to inspire the next generation (Dosch, Rach, T Scott, Jiggles, and others) to build it even better. A life of mastery, not retirement, is our aim. Good…


“Together we Awaken, Challenge, and Transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders from a lone toward all ONE – One “L” of a difference. One distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Together we transform. Always together.”

Unifying Strategies:

1. Master the 12 8 4 framework through daily discipline of study. Three hours/five days a week is the expectation. Study, learn, apply.
2. Write 6 days a week about BTL. Slow down and reflect.
3. Serve every client/builder with a singular focus on making them do what they can. Do not allow fear to stop us from challenging out of belief. Love the craft, the builder, and the client.
4. Prepare for every practice as if they won’t grab the reins. And, every practice be open and encourage the client to take control. Embrace just this side of chaos. Understand the risks and repair or deal with the consequences.
5. Give more than take from every relationship.
6. Model the way, embrace pain and suffering, embody truth in Love.
7. Ask God for help. Ask friends for help. Ask family for help. Ask doctors for help. Ask my bride for help. Seek help humbly.
8. Engage the BTL band in new engagements. Play together as a band of builders.
9.Reach. Rest. Recover. Repair. Reach again. No finish line mindset.
10.Create margin to laugh, love, and live in alignment with core and toward opus. FM, baby…

Scorecard for Significance:
1. Seeing Family, friends, and clients taking the leap in pursuit of their self authorizing opus
2. Receiving letters/emails/voicemails that surprise me with someone “getting it.”
3. Smiles, laughter, and tears from real, raw, practice toward becoming ONE.
4. Seeing teams get tired together, come together, serve together, and improve together. TWT in action.
5. Savor a client referring a potential client regardless the outcome.
6. Receiving a sincere challenge from a believer bent on making me better.
7. Giving the gift of a client to another builder.
8. Witnessing a Shannonball, Cali, David, Vinny, Jim, FD, Larry, young Kenny, Grappy, hypocrihopper, Brett, Frankee, Lauren, Keisha, Paul, Mark, Rich, Brian, Cbear, Lamb, Tommy, Timmy, Slo, Kyle, Mike, Robert, Ron, Ryan, Wierema, Nick, Kevin, Rachael, Taylor, Jigs, Dan, Durp, Dosch, Brooke, Sam, Dave, Mark, and so many more, emerging as leaders through the gift of practice.
9. Seeing a sincere challenge from a teammate to his/her leader through the gift of practice, delivered ccd and met with acceptance, gratitude, and a willingness to let it in. Seeing laughter replace loathing. So cool.
10. Seeing builders build their business under the BTL brand.
11.Receiving an insight from practice that most missed but flipped the switch in me – flow, freakin’ magic.
12. Receiving an invitation to build from a loved one beside me.

Your labor of love is not merely about numbers, traditional metrics, or short term objectives. Your opus is aimed at significance, so it makes sense to have an additional scorecard, doesn’t it? Your labor of love is your life’s work and is aspirational in tone when you look at your overarching vision and big dream. When you look at your Sunday disciplines and the most productive PA for your week, it’s very focused and all about baby stepping your way forward. Dream and do, friend. Dream and do. I hope this gives those of you who asked to see my opus, something to think about. Look forward to talking with a few of you. As always the aim is not to imitate, friend, but instead to originate. Become the original you already are. Good.

Write what you’re thinking, BTL band. Write what you’re thinking you (few) crazies…

1 thought on “2020 O.P.U.S….

  1. Hey Chet. I want to say thanks again for allowing me to shadow you about four years ago! I can say that after i looked into myself later, i was a better person for all that i learned and caught while shadowing you doing your opus! It really paid off because today im building my core and finding out more about my opus. I didn’t realize all that God was doing with me when i ask you to allow me to shadow you. All i know is every since then God has continued to teach me the BTL concept. Im learning more and more about my big dream and God is leading me to learn more about
    who i am and how to live out my Opus. Im also at a place in my life where i need to go further into learning about my Opus. There are things i need to move into now but i need some couching. I would love to get together and talk about it! Would you be willing to give me an hour of your time so we can talk about where i am and where i need to go from here, i really would appreciate it? Let me know if that is possible? Again thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you inspire with!

    Wilma Collins,
    Sister in Christ

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