This is the last of my three reminders to the band and a couple crazies. Sorry for the flood to the rest of you…

One of my favorite scenes in the Matrix is when Neo stops running. You see, humans have been taught to run from the Agents in this movie that is so true to real life. So when Neo doesn’t run and instead decides to stand and fight for what he wants, Morpheus is asked by Trinity, “What is he doing?” Morpheus responds with some ccd magic – “He’s beginning to believe!”

This week I’ve watched my son “beginning to believe,” namely in himself. You see, he’s been apprenticing for more than a year and has made numerous contributions in BTL team and one on one practice but nothing like he’s made this week. He’s made contributions that I couldn’t make. He’s brought the hammer in his constant calm demeanor when I’ve hit tilt. He’s done it his way and inserted himself in practice without an ounce of hesitation. He’s beginning to believe and I love it.

Your job leader, is to believe in yourself and your team. Your job is catch people doing something good and give them your esteem. Your job is to make them do what they can. Your job is challenge them out of your belief. Your job is to celebrate small moments where they’re beginning to believe in themselves. Leaders are believers. Leaders are humans who don’t run from a fight and, more often than not, fight for what’s right. Leaders belief inspires those around to believe just a bit more. We all start with just a mustard seed of belief and that’s all it takes to build a rock solid root system. Are you beginning to believe, friend? Are you believable? Are you attracting believers or bullshit artists? Are you inspiring committed teammates or compliant ones? You should know this. Do you? Tay, I give you the gift of these four words – “I believe in you.” Thanks, Pascal. Thanks, Tay. Keep doing the work. In fact, do more. You can do more to build your competence. Bring your structure and order to our artistry. Do not worry about your age. Build competence. The root of real confidence, is hard earned competence. You can do more than you think. Good…

1 thought on “Awakening…

  1. Epic BTL triptych today, Chet. Born from the awesome Band Zoomies over the last few weeks. Thank you for translating our awakenings into logos. Such joy at the awakenings.

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