Practice 64…

BTL team practice is designed to make those willing to participate whole heartedly, a bit better. I asked Rich to kick off practice 64 with a challenging question to all of his peers. I want to remind you how world class performance is made in anyone and anything – Deliberate practice, world class coaching, and myelin. What are you doing during this elongated, TV timeout of life, Rich asked.

Core centered and self controlling is the aim, remember. Core clarity is your compass. An authentic opus is your detailed map. Your playbook of PA is what you do once you have this clarity within and with regard to your aim. You are defined by what you do, friends. This is the root of Rich’s question. What are you doing? Whatever it is, you are wrapping myelin around it. Choose wisely. Masters keep picking tougher targets, reaching, failing, learning, and eventually, grasping hold. Once they grasp a concept, they pick another target. Never stop. Circuits that fire together, wire together, remember. The best producers have the best habits.

You don’t break bad habits. You build better ones.

What habits are you building in this time of isolation? You are wrapping these new circuits with myelin. Choose wisely. We talked for quite awhile regarding this. I hit a number with truth in love. I only hit those who I believe in. I told this team that are still not hitting each other with truth in love. The root reason is always the same; we aren’t hitting ourselves hard enough and don’t want to be a hypocrite.

I hit all my clients hard. I don’t feel bad at all doing this because I hit myself harder. This team, just like yours, is built by what they do. Masters are made through deliberate practice, world class coaching, and myelin. If you want to improve your ability to read the room and know what the prospect needs to hear, practice tuning in like an animal being stalked. Master the ability to read the face and hear more than the words from the mouth. This takes deliberate practice and some coach willing to speak truth in love. This takes an athlete willing to let it in. Practice 64 was productive. There was lots of learning available to any athlete who wanted it. You don’t get better, however, by learning more. Nope, you do not. You get better by doing more of the right disciplines that produce a perfect practice. You get better when you’ve got a big dream and you’ve decided to do whatever it takes to baby step toward it. You get better when you stop the bullshit of “dread and do” and replace it with dream and do. You can do more than you think. You can do more when you dream. And do.

Live hard. Love harder…

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