Hurting humans…

Recently a BTL practice participant wrote me to tell me they are a wreck. This time of isolation has derailed their desire. Instead of sticking to their disciplines, they are losing themselves in hard liquor. They told me their story and asked me to keep it to myself. So, friend, why am I writing about it today? Because I hear this story everyday.


Every. Single. Day. I hear from someone on your team who is hurting and has nobody in their circle to talk to. So, they reach out to me. We humans mostly hide when we’re hurting, you see. This is a fact. We talk to bartenders (can’t do that now), we talk to coworkers over coffee (not now), we talk to teammates in an airport terminal (someday), and we talk to our friends after a hard day at the office (we’re too tired now after Zooming all freakin’ day). For many hurting humans, today, it feels lonely, really lonely.

Your team is more alone and hurting than you know. Assume less. Talk. Initiate, leader. Hurting humans are looking for leadership, friend. They feel a lone and deeply desire someone to move toward them, tune in like an animal being stalked, and hear the yearning not the whining. This is the oneness we’re after at BTL. Still sound like soft, b.s. to you? Hurting humans are all around you leader, why don’t you reach out and give them a hand (figuratively, of course).

Live hard. Love harder….

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