Our peloton…

Stage one of the tour de isolation was way back on April 11th. We had a dozen riders and not a one broke the 3.0 barrier of PWR (power to weight ratio). We had a great time and everybody set PR’s (personal records). I thought to myself that this little experiment was a good one and looked forward to small, iterative gains from a few. I had no idea!

Last night was stage four. We had 19 riders. Twelve of the nineteen riders broke the 3.0 barrier. Two riders finished in the top ten out of nearly 9,000 total riders. Our top twelve finishers were all in the top 120 out of 9,000. Every single rider set a PR. We had two newbies last night, two sixty somethings, two fifty somethings, a handful of folks in their forties, and the rest were somewhere in their thirties. Ten riders work for Lockton Companies (whatever it is their feeding those folks, you want to get you some of it) – talk about a competitive, collaborative culture! If this were a corporate challenge event, it’d be over!

We have another newbie coming on Saturday. She doesn’t work for Lockton but she does train athletes and is currently training herself for the Ironman. She will have the one thing that all these crazies are building – the will to pain. There’s no secret to significant gains in anything, friends. You have to embrace the pain and suffering that comes with making your body, mind, or spirit – do what it can. To sustain these gains, which will certainly slow and sometimes stop completely, you have to add a little something, something. Know what that is, friends?


Yup. That’s a fact. Love the work. Love the team. Love the climb. Love the reaching and even the pain. Love the victory over self more than the victory over another. Love the learning and love the competition. This tour de isolation has seven more stages. You are welcome to join us anytime. There will be high fives, some trash talk, a few video chats, and lots of love. It will not be easy and your ego may get bruised. You may just make some new friends and enjoy the camaraderie of suffering too. Good. Quick question, friend. What are you doing to push yourself during this time of isolation? Might I suggest you join some kind of community and discover the power of pushing with others. Our peloton is pushing everyone up their perceived limits. What’s yours doing?

Live hard. Love harder…

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