Today started with a great soccer team and ended with a great basketball team. In between were five other teams. It was a long, tiring day and I loved every minute of this work. No time to read and none to write. I even joined Doscher on a zoom with his team from Cali. Loved that too.

However, the moment that left me with hairs on end just happened with Grappy after rehashing OSU grappler practice 115. He told me that during one of our breakout sessions his only two transfers were paired together. One’s a Mormon heavyweight and the other a Cuban lightweight. Both are studs. As they got to know each other some freakin’ magic happened. Turns out these are the only two teammates who are fluent in Spanish – neither knew. Grappy was lit beyond belief. You see, friend, when we sell out to BTL team practice we get genius from Tervel, Coach J, Fantastic Farmer, Logibear, Ralph, and many more. We’ve come to expect this. What we can’t count on is the serendipities that just seem to come when we least expect ‘em.

Trust the process. Stop resulting your team and yourself. Amateurs focus on outcomes. Professionals focus on the process. Be a pro, friend. Get ready to be surprised when you least expect it.

Live hard. Love harder…

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