Tervel’s and…

“If you fall in love with the love, you’re going to break with the hate.” Tervel

Practice 115 was freakin’ magic, at least to me. We talked about the difference between reputation and character and lit up Coach J and a few more. Brett took time away from running his business to be with us and bring his perspective. Petey brought his presence and a beautiful “and.” I think Rachel was with us too but my mind is a bit blank on that one. Tay was with us. The BTL band brought a mighty force and was met by some mighty men of the singlets. We got tired together and it was a good tired. We triggered teammates thinking and they did not disappoint. Not even close. The most amazing moment was when Tervel “anded” my comment. We were talking about the power of the pen vs the lure and false power of social media. He told this team of grapplers to beware of chasing likes and social media popularity. His ccd magic was a mike drop moment.

“If you fall in love with the love, you’re going to break with the hate.”

Focus on what you can control, friend. Focus on building character, your own character. Your reputation will be what it will be. Fall in love with doing the work within to engrave on your heart the habits you deem are virtuous. Look in the mirror and see your blemishes. Look next to you for a real friend or two to help you make yourself come clean and fix the one person you can make more whole.

Character is who you are. Reputation is who people think you are.

It might help to remember some C.S. Lewis here – “Putting first things first does not make second things less, it makes them more.” Thanks, Tervel and team, for making your practice 115, well, yours. What friend are you focused on? What is your most precious? Are you falling in love with the real, hard, opus of building you or are you more interested in presenting your brand and polishing your public reputation? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Slow down. Life is an energy management problem. Love is the juice you want. Make sure you’re looking for it in all the right places.

Live hard. Love harder…

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