I love control. I am not in control. I cannot control circumstances, other people or life in general. I want control. I am slowly becoming more comfortable being uncomfortable and out of control. I have close to 100% control of my choices, and I am learning to “go with the flow.” This is one of my deepest held beliefs.

Today, I heard about a leader who is trying to control the dialogue with his team. He is attempting to censor his community. This is absolute bullshit and flies in the face of everything we believe in at BTL. This is anti- American, isn’t it? Isn’t freedom of speech supposed to be a big deal around here?

Your team wants to speak freely and they aren’t always going to agree with what you say. We come from a culture that values freedom and personal responsibility. You are free to speak here and you better understand that there are consequences that come from saying stupid stuff as there are for doing stupid things. Here, we bathe in freedom which is both a blessing and curse depending on how you use it. So, leader, get comfortable just this side of chaos. High performing cultures do not censor or control the dialogue. High performing cultures are open, honest, and thoughtful. High performing cultures are not a genius with a thousand followers, nope they’re not. High performing cultures are ones where all of us are thinking and nobody is as smart as everybody. You are not in control. Get over it.

Live hard. Love harder.

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