Words matter. Yoda told Luke, “There is no try. Do or do not.” Freakin’ game changer for young Sky Walker.

Kevin Eastman, in his worthy read titled Why the best are the best, says that the word “try” has been the lynchpin to his work and life. His key to success as an NBA coach has come down to his willingness to simply show up and try stuff. Yoda says there is no try. Kevin says there is nothing more important than try. What say you, friend?

What matters most, leader, is what words matter to you and your team. Author your BTL core with your words. Author your BTL opus with your words. Develop the discipline of PA (productive action) with words that mean something to you. Words matter. Make sure you know the words that matter the most to you. Your mantra must move you to live aligned between beliefs and behaviors. Your words must move you to make your obstacles your way. Your words must lead you to the land of milk and honey. Do they? Mine do.

Live hard. Love harder…

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