Life is an energy management problem. When you die, your body is out of gas. Many humans appear to be dead long before we put them under. They walk around lifeless and suck the energy out of the room when they enter it. And, a few humans, walk into the same room and light it up. These humans are filled with positive passion for who they are, what they are privileged to do, and who they get to do it with. These few are life givers, aren’t they.

Ask your teammates what kinda teammate you are, friend. Does your presence bring high wattage into the room or do the lights flicker when you enter? Life is an energy management problem. You and I are not neutral. The higher up you go in any system, the more likely you are to zap energy instead of ignite it. Slow down and ask yourself how it feels to be a lone with you. Slow down. Maybe it’s time for a fill up, friend. Maybe you need to bathe in a bit more love, not just run after a bit more money.

Live hard. Love harder…

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