We like to think that we humans are innovative, free thinkers, and originals who (unlike sheep or buffalo) run according to the beat of our own drum. There is little argument that we are each unique. And, there is nary a human I’ve met or studied who simply did her own thing. We are imitators and it runs deep. The way you and I accentuate words is not due to where we were born, it’s due to whom bore us. Baby’s learn to speak from those speaking to them and they pick up the accents accordingly. Fact.

Choose those you run with wisely, friend. You and I are most influenced by those we allow in our inner circle. Don’t let just anyone in. Choose people with strong cores who know who they are, where they’re going, and why it matters. Choose people who want the best for you and bring out the best in you. Choose people who run on love, not fear, power, or prestige. Choose people who are principled. You choose. Your choices have consequences for you, your teams, and our world. You and I are innovative, free thinkers, originals, and imitators. Who, friend, are you imitating?

Live hard. Love harder…

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