Show up…

Today, a couple OSU coaches came and joined a bunch of old dudes on my driveway for some core work. They got their butts kicked sideways and then some. As we rode up our final hill of the day, they were both on kilojoule empty. And, they were both smiling.

Today, nine men did 40 minutes of core work and 60 minutes of cycling hill work. We worked for 100 minutes. You do not get better by thinking more than doing. You get better when you do more than you think. Well done, Coaches, for doing more than you thought. Now teach this to your team – Model the way. Embrace pain and suffering. Embody truth in love. Show up and do the freakin’ work because you never know when the opus will be taken from you. Everyday it’s a gift when you wake up and have the opportunity to work. You are made to work. You are not meant to labor in vain. You are made for good work. Hard labor you disdain as you tire. Hard opus you sustain as you perspire. Are you doing more or thinking more. Do more, friend. Do more than you think. Good.

Show up, friend. Live hard. Love harder.

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