Give birth…

The word matrix originated a bunch of years ago in ancient Rome. It literally translates to the English word, “womb.” The ancients talked about their matrix like we talk about our math and science. The matrix, they believed, gave “birth” to the answer. Roman roads and aqueducts were both the result of an engineering matrix that gave birth to how they would go to war and get water from the mountains.

Your matrix is like a cold glass of water to a weary soul – deeply refreshing.

Your matrix is your worldview, if you’ve authored it and align behaviors against it. Your worldview is your deepest held beliefs through which you make sense of the world. Your worldview gives birth to your answer for work and life. This is why the becoming BTL begins here, with the work within. Are you a believer, friend? Are you believable? Do your behaviors align with your deepest held beliefs? How do you align when they don’t? Slow down and sit with this for awhile.

Give birth from within, friend. Give birth and make sense of this perfect mess. Give birth and become unmovable and open minded all at once. Give birth and begin the move toward oneness within and then with another. Give birth. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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