Practice 118…

Today, during practice 118 with a team of grapplers, we were reminded that each of us is writing a book – it’s titled the story of our lives. We alone are authoring it and it won’t be real unless we allow others to come alongside and shape our journey. It’s always we and me, remember.

Today, Rachel grew confident as she reflected on hard earned competence. Taylor grew confident as he felt his contribution from the work itself. He’s beginning to believe, you see. Today’s two practices felt sacred, way back in 2002 these kind of practices would have left me feeling scared. Scared to sacred only happens when the artist does the work to feel the stirring and run into it instead of running away. A confident QB stands in the pocket and hardly notices the chaos around him. His eyes are squarely focused on his target, his secondary one, his third, and then his check down coming out of the backfield. He feels the rush and stays with his progressions. He delivers a strike just as the pocket collapses and he’s taken to the ground. His lineman helps him up and he’s smiling knowing we did this, knowing he did this, and knowing he can’t wait to do this again.

The BTL builder runs practice like a confident QB. They’ve learned how to read the room and deliver when the time is right. This rant is written for the BTL band and for any of you crazies who understand how to extrapolate this learning to you and your team. Jiggles, Dorothy, Rachel, and T-Scott, are learning how to slow down and stand in there. The magic happens when you don’t run to more content out of fear, you stand in and trust the process instead. You stay in the present and read the room. You’ve memorized the playbook and somehow, someway, you see where to go seconds before you let it go. Freakin’ magic, baby.

Today during practice 118 we had a bunch of grapplers thinking. We didn’t do much of anything but we let them go. They are the star wide receivers, remember. They shared their learning from Mans Search for Meaning, The Obstacle is the Way, The Ego is the Enemy, The Bible, and most transformationally, from each other. Remember, band, together we transform. Always together. This is why we practice. This is why we don’t do much even though we’ve prepared as if we will. This is why we ask good questions and sit in silence until the searing moment arrives. Good work today, team. Good work.

Live hard. Love harder…

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