Warren Buffett July 4th investment advice…

Happy fourth, friends.

Here’s some advice we can all use. We all think old Warren (age 89) knows his investments, right? So what does he think is your best investment during coronacraziness? The same thing he would have told you years ago…

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Nobody can tax your investment in your talent or take it away from you.”

Turns out Warren and BTL agree on this investment strategy. Everyday we study, learn, and apply. Everyday we read, write, and build mastery in our domain. Four days a week I practice multiple times a day – sometimes as high 6-7/day. Everyday we slow down and reflect. Everyday we awaken, challenge, and transform (ACT). Everyday we walk in stupid (not really but it sounds humble) and learn more than we teach. Fact. Everyday we, your BTL Builders, invest in ourselves so we can give you, our clients, a return on your investment in us. Invest in yourself, friends. Focus your mind on mastery – on what you can control.

Your attention, I guess, is your greatest asset. Thanks, Warren, for the reminder…

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