The meaningful game…

I can remember being fixated on a number back when I was thirty eight years old. What a normal man I once was. Sitting down with my financial planner and working backwards from “the number” I needed to feel comfortable taking the leap into the abyss and starting BTL. I was worried I didn’t have enough, and was miserable working with Worldcom executives I didn’t believe in or grow up with. We had been acquired and very much felt like it. The work was no longer anything resembling opus, and yet I continued to labor, travel, take dumb conference calls, and go through the motions, all because I hadn’t hit the number that was somehow going to buy me my freedom. What a dumbass.

BTL is now in her nineteenth year. She began with my dream of building better leaders and has evolved to our dream of building individuals, teams, and leaders who are distinct and deeply connected, becoming BTL. Money is no longer in the way. Meaningful opus ran her over and never looked back in 2002. BTL is built to provide meaningful work to masters in the making, and to transform those we work with. We’re in the transformation business, you could say. We are no longer normal, nor do we care. We’ve gone from Miss and me to Peteness, LA, Roger, Sully, George, Browny, Gu, Kitty, Doscher, Rachael, Tay, Jiggs, and now Dorothy. Some of the BTL builders came for a season, most are here for a lifetime. We are growing old but not tired together. Money has never gotten in the way. The BTL builder’s earning power is only limited by them. They are given much. Nothing is taken from them. We are a lose confederation that plays together because we love to, not because we have to. There is no end game. There is no 401k, retirement party, or partnership buyout. I’m no longer thinking about numbers. BTL has taught me that meaning matters most. BTL is a labor of love perpetuating a labor of love within you. Weird, huh. What’s your focus, leader? The end game or the meaningful game?

Live hard. Love harder…

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