Listening to my client and watching his face light up, I was encouraged that we might be making some progress.  He was describing his 2030 vision with 20/20 clarity. He was really psyched about what it would look like in another decade as he invested in his process, lived in the direction of his purpose, all fueled by his passion for more money. As he finished his opus, though, it included some “real” friends to share it with. It was an afterthought for sure, but it was an acknowledgment. All the money in the world means nothing without real friends with whom you share. He is, as the singer/songwriter John Mellencamp writes about, “Young without love is old without friends.”

As you think and write about your 2030 vision make sure you have 20/20 clarity about the relationships you want to accompany your fame and fortune. Most do not. Most, end up old without friends. It doesn’t have to be this way. You simply have to productively act in the direction of those relationships you want to water. You have to initiate, leader, if you want to build friendships. If you give all your water to the pursuit of the green stuff, your field of dreams will reflect accordingly. You will have all the green without “real” friends to give it meaning.

Catch a vision for people, for giving your gifts to a few that can’t pay, for leaving the world a better place not just a bigger estate, and for what fires your passion even if your unsure it will fill your wallet. You will, in the end, have more than enough. I haven’t seen the first BTL client who pursued their opus and wished for more. Young without love is old without friends. Remember you can change this equation. Invest and water your friendships and someday you’ll be growing old, but not tired, with them. Very cool.

Live hard. Love harder…

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