Routines to rituals…

Routines are over-rated. Habits don’t tell the whole story because habits cannot convey heart.

The litmus test for you is not as simple as looking at your routines. The world is full of mediocre performances produced by people with great habits. Huh? Habits matter. The commitment behind them matters more. Tommy Amaker tells the Harvard basketball team over and over – “Do not mistake routine for commitment.”

We mostly miss this. We mostly evaluate ourselves on our routines. The 1% evaluate themselves more critically. They study the details. They make changes before the market or the enemy does. They lead the charge, which oftentimes means they lead the change. They constantly ask themselves for more. It’s not enough to just show up. Showing up is a start. Showing up with your bayonet fixed, so to speak, is the one we want. You’ve got to love what you’re fighting for to taste the beauty of this kinda commitment. Turn your routines into heart felt rituals. See the sacred element in mastering your craft and the privilege of this present moment of practice with this particular team. Commitment turns routines into sacred rituals. This is the heart of high performance.

Don’t believe me? Study Alexander the Great…

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