Depression is part of the human experience. Depression is a natural state of mind. I am depressed, in fact, as I’m writing this rant. Lead anything and anyone, friend, and you are going to multiply the opportunity for you to feel down. Fact.

This is yet another reason to begin the build within, today. Life does not get easier as you age, you don’t find more time to work on you, and you do not naturally mature through the process of getting older. Build a strong core today. Never stop building it. Train yourself to stand. MOT (moments of truth) are coming whether you want them to or not – they are coming. Some of them are going to kick you so hard, like me, you’re going to drop to your knees, fall on your face, or not feel like getting out of bed. As a leader, you are expected to rise to the occasion, anyway. You will learn to play while hurting. The stronger the core, the quicker you turn your state of mind. Second nature, remember, is the one you want.

Depression is not the root problem. Staying down too long, burying your feelings, and being too proud to ask for help, is getting closer to the root. Life is hard. None of us gets out of here without getting hurt. The best among us bounce quicker, stay up longer, and have a tribe that carries us. The wise build the core when the seas are calm. The time to build is not when you’re out to sea and the storm is on the horizon. This rant was not meant to lift you up or bring you down. This rant, like all of them, was simply a reflection of what I’m feeling as I live this work. Slow down and sit with this for awhile. How are you feeling? Are you running your feelings through that well built core of yours? Smart…

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