I’m writing a book about mastering the art of living. It’s a one thought a day book that’s meant to spur the readers thinking. Here’s what it’s not. It’s not a recipe to follow. Becoming BTL cannot be taught, only caught. The BTL band and a few of our crazy clients are on the long, arduous climb toward mastery. We are not masters of anything, just fellow climbers figuring it out as best we know how. The more we learn, the less we know (at least with certainty, that is). We invite you to join us. Do not expect it to be easy. Instead, prepare yourself for it to be the hardest thing you’ve ever attempted.

Mastering the art of living requires a change of nature, we’ve discovered. We all enter this world as self centered and other controlling. Fact. Mastery requires that we build a better nature and become core centered and self controlling. Think about your life, friend. Where is your nature getting in the way of your best work and your best life? Where is your ego the enemy? Where is your justice thread tweaked and revenge ruling your mind? Why is forgiveness such a good idea until there’s actually someone to forgive? Where is the scourge of power scaring you into playing small? Where is power going to your head and giving you a false, proud sense of self?

What if you’re more contagious than Covid-19, friend. Are you worth catching? Slow down and think. Reflect. Write. Baby step. Good…

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