All signal…

Team practice this early am, I heard something I hear all the time – How can team x,y,z, turn out more output with less effort? This is a great question with a simple answer. Think about it for awhile, won’t you…

If you want to increase output with less effort in whatever it is you’re in, remember this truth – your most powerful asset is attention. Fact. So, if you want to increase output, focus your greatest asset like your life depends upon it. Pure signal. No noise. Shut off the damn beeps and lock down your mind. You cannot make yourself do what you can, when you allow distractions in the side door. Your attention is yours to contain, control, and channel into your OPUS. Simple, not easy. I hope you sense my attention is laser focused on your sorriness whenever you’re my target. I do not think about the next practice when I’m with you. I do not think about the last one when I’m with you. I do not think about whatever noise is trying to interrupt my tuneage into you. I’m locked in. This is why, when you’re in one of my practices, sometimes I pull something into practice that leaves you wondering how in the world did I do that. Now you know.

Focused attention.

Where are you splitting your signal? Why do you allow your smart phone to turn you into a dumbass? What people do you multitask because you don’t think they’re worth your undivided asset, your attention? All signal. No noise. Get there…

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