All one…

The book Becoming Built to Lead releases on December 8th. We’ve been editing it for what seems like forever. This week, however, I was able to hold a proof copy in my hand. Felt amazing. Fact. Miss and I both think it looks beautiful and reads real and raw. Good.

So, we’re down to the last two days of editing and my eyes cannot look at it anymore. As I’ve expressed this thought to my few, they’ve grabbed the reins. Doscher has fresh eyes on it. Gu is taking time to cull one last time. And a client told me it would be his great pleasure to invest hours of his Holiday reading with an eye out for missed comma’s and the like. None of them are doing this because I asked. They volunteered. Blessed.

Nothing you do, friend, if it’s to be done well, will be done a lone. Alone we do not transform. Alone is one L away from All one. All one is the heart of performance in work and life. All one is the aim of our work at BTL and writing this book has given me an incredible sense of oneness with a few. Today, give a hand to one human in your circle. Reach down and help another up. You and I can give more than we think. Writing this book has been hard opus. I’ve been given more gifts (Pj, Bk, Durp, Jim, Steve, Rich, Doscher, Gu, BTL Band, Miss, and many others) than I can count and it’s made it all worthwhile. I’m feeling All one and it’s one helluva difference from a lone. Thank you and God bless.

Look up. Be grateful. Look around. Be helpful. Look inward be peaceful. Live hard. Love harder…

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