Jim Gant…

Today, during a sacred BTL band practice, we had a very special guest – Jim Gant. We invested ninety minutes getting curious with The American Spartan. If you’ve not read the book by the same name, you’ve whiffed. My cousin, Ann Scott Tyson, is a magnificent, professional writer. She and Jim lived war in a way few can imagine. He answered our questions with strength and honor. He shared his broken, battered, and beautiful heart. He is my brother. He is making peace with his place. Real. Hard. Work.

Our warriors carry deep wounds that us normal citizens cannot imagine. Our freedoms have been fought for. Our freedoms are not free or self sustaining. Our freedoms fade unless we have the strength and honor to fight for right and allow others the right to oppose our opinions with civility. Jim is never far from my minds eye. He is a great reminder for me to be patient with sunshine Patriots and those both young and old who rub me the wrong way. Life is hard. Be patient with our brothers and sisters, friend. They’ve most likely been in the shit (military term not foul). Give ‘em a break. Good. Thanks, Jim, for the reminders. Thanks, Jim, for being tough and tender. You seared nine hearts this morning as you embodied my mantra – Live hard. Love harder. You have lived hard. You are loving harder, my brother.

Do good. Be good. Be with. Together we transform. Always together…

4 thoughts on “Jim Gant…

  1. The honor was ALL MINE.
    Yes…yes…I need hard questions and to be told even harder answers. Thank you for accepting my weaknesses.
    Be good. Do good. Be with. (Hat tip to Chet and m dad, Jim Sr).
    1 COR 13:1-2

    1. Jim,
      I hope you remember me from our younger days before you became famous. 😉 We served together in 5th Group at Ft. Bragg – your first assignment as a young Private. I recently became aware of your story and I wanted to reach out. Melinda and I enjoyed spending time with you and your family years ago. It’d be great to catch-up. Contact shawn.gresham at rocketmail dot com

  2. Thank you, Jim, for joining us this morning! We were all beyond blessed to be With you. I’m forever changed as a result. I look forward to being With again as the Lord provides.

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