The world is becoming over-coached. Everywhere I turn there’s another coach for this and another coach for that. We hire sales coaches, strength coaches, nutrition coaches, executive coaches, life coaches, and countless more. We are not Becoming Built to Lead, however.

When we engage with a client in sport, commerce, or any other form of community, we build them. We are builders, not coaches. We build oneness within and with another. We build competence alongside character. We build individuals, teams, and leaders with strong CORE’s, authentic OPUS, and the discipline to PoP it out. You don’t need another coach, we believe. You need to be built. You need a builder.

The world is over-coached and under-built. Are you?

2 thoughts on “Built…

  1. In all things, balance. When coaches become crutches any building is too flimsy to support itself because weakness begets weakness and strength begets strength. I agree that the term coach is ubiquitous, but the need for objectivity, perspective, and working outside of a vacuum is critical. In my view, coaching and discipleship have much in common—live it as you lead it.

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