Masters attract…

Today, at 6:31am, two collegiate athletes, one forty something, one fifty something, and one sixty something (me), got after it for 47:47. We put ankle weights on. They didn’t weigh much but it was enough to make it so much harder. We did up/downs with one leg up – so much harder. We did burpees with a weighted jump – so much harder. We played a little Mellencamp, Led Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles, and even one track from Tom Jones. We played a little Rage against the Machine, Dylan, Aerosmith, and one track from The Four Tops. We kicked our own. It was good. The legs shook. Arms dropped. Core held. It was an epic start outside, in the dark.

The athletes didn’t have to come. No coach demanded they be here. These athletes, just like Blondie, Pj, and me are turning pro – actually they’re Becoming BTL (even better). You see, friend, masters in the art of living do not do what they have to. Masters do what they want. Masters marry the mundane and come to love it. Masters nuance what they’ve always done so it feels fresh, challenging, and transformative. Masters learn to do hard things well by not doing them so well, at least not at first. Masters show up even when they show up to pick up their fellow athletes and they stiff ‘em. Masters find their few and make their place far away from the masses. Masters are rare and rarely popular. I love seeing who will keep showing up even when it’s cold, dark, and really, really hard opus. Are you mastering your core, BTL CORE, OPUS, and PoP? Are you doing the work when no one sees? Are you worth imitating? Mass attracts mass. Are you?

Live hard. Love harder…

3 thoughts on “Masters attract…

  1. Your “master the mundane” line is probably the single most relatable thing I’ve ever heard a mentor/coach/etc. offer. I think about, and try to practice, it often.

    Hope all is well!


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