Band practice…

Every Friday morning our band of builders get together to practice what we preach. This started when several newbies left their shire in pursuit of their OPUS. As a band, we decided to come beside them as Sam did for Frodo on his journey.

We’re not preachers of course, but today we found ourselves in church. You see, one brave soul came clean with themself in front of their peers. They displayed a humility so rare that it moved all of our souls. We paused and let the moment in. We were in church, a spiritual home, where we are with those we connect with on a different plane. A place where you give and take care. A place where you seek and share. This explains why I religiously get up early every week to attend. This explains while I come away feeling full of joy and gratitude.

Together we transform, you see, is not just our tagline, it’s our belief. AND, the integrity of our belief is backed by our behavior, our practice, together… always together. Have you become CORE-centered enough to exhibit this type of inner strength? Have you found a few you deeply connect with, a place you belong?

You can do more than you think. Do more together, be less a lone… good.

5 thoughts on “Band practice…

  1. I’m so filled and inspired from our Band practice today. And that’s saying something after last week
    with our special guest, JG, who inspired us all. What a joyful journey are on to inspire, challenge and activate each other. Holy ground. Beyond the Shire.

  2. I come to the party late! I just read your post and was really inspired by your wisdom and Strong Core!
    You give so much of yourself to the BTL Team!
    Thanks D!

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