Practice 72…

Today, during practice 72, a young man seared my sorriness. He spoke from his heart something this team really needed to hear. He spoke truth in love and we hadn’t heard him say anything of substance prior to this MOT (moment of truth). He talked with the President as if he was just another person. He attempted to wake him up to some CORE work he needs to do. His presence was fully in the moment. He and I talked after practice and it was freakin’ magic how spot on he was to it all. He has the potential to be a builder, I can see it in his eyes, his words, and how quickly he processes from A to Z. He has what it takes. I told him this rather matter of factly just a couple hours ago. I’m still kinda emotional as I think back to what a great practice this was with a team of fifteen becoming ONE. Here’s why.

This young man, you see, is my son.

You are not meant to simply pass the Chronos moments. You are meant for Kairos. Do not miss the season of time you are in right now. You overvalue metrics over meaning if you’re normal. Don’t be normal. Change your mind. You are meant for meaning and will remember moments filled with meaning as your time runs down and eventually out. Slow down and reflect, my friend. Write your thinking. Be good. Do good. Be with. It was good to be with you all in Practice 72 this morning. Good.

Live hard. Love harder…

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