Love more than loathe…

Expert intuition is not gifted exclusively to doting mothers. Expert intuition is earned through full attention. You can build this. You must love more and loathe less, as a starting point. Nobody builds a mother’s intuition out of fear, anger, or some maniacal sense of willpower. Expert intuition begins with more love. When you get the book Becoming BTL, you’ll see Day 176 dedicated to this topic. In the meantime, write more about your love to’s at work. I love studying humans in BTL team practice. As I study the room, non-anxiously, it’s amazing how informed my intuition. Oftentimes, I can anticipate the response before the mouth opens and the words tumble out. I’ve observed this intuition in others as well – they all love more than they loathe. Do you?

Live hard. Love harder…

2 thoughts on “Love more than loathe…

  1. Chet
    I love this aspect of your book, the ability to quickly access different topics as you point out in this Blog, page 176 “Love To’s, Building our Intuition.
    Over 3,500 blogs written to date, I would call that Building Mastery!
    Great job Chet!

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