Give and take care…

Day 6 in Becoming BTL is all about hard. Love is hard. Dementia is hard. Discipline is hard. Forgiveness is hard, and on and on the list goes. Today, I reminded a client that family is hard. Always has been and always will be. Remember, home is where the heart and hurt coexist. So, I told my client to give more and score less. Most of our relationships are transactional. We give and take in reciprocity. When the scales tip where we give and they take, we stop transacting, at least if we’re healthy.

However, when it comes to transformational relationships we understand there are seasons where we give and give some more. Think about parents of young children. All give. Little take. Think or aging parents and adult children. Equation reversed. So, today, realize you and your loved ones are not meant for equality, at least not when measured in the moment. Slow down. Reflect. Maybe it’s time for you to give more and score less.

Live hard. Love harder. Give and take care. Give more. Is this starting to make more sense? Good…

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