This morning the driveway 3PP was in rare form. First, we had the crisis – Downer threw his back out about twenty minutes into the 58:58 core festivus. Kevin helped him to his car and back at it we went. After the final leg weights were removed, we went for our final walk of 2020. It was glorious. I asked everyone to tell us about the first car they bought and the stories from that question carried us for twenty minutes of a laughter filled walk.

The outdoor workouts have been great during this pandemic; the walks, even better.

Tomorrow, grab your Becoming BTL book and lets get started with Day 1. Share some of your writing with us right here. I’ll do the same. I hope to hear from a few of you and, together, transform. It is always better together. Great finish to 2020, team 3PP. Great finish. See you on the climb tomorrow. Good…

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