Day 23 (Too lit)…

This early am the Peloton bike called my name. I was too lit last night after another great day with Miss and Jordan. I forgot to take the CBD oil as Miss reminded me about 1am as I tossed and turned. Not good. So, when the dumb phone vibrated this morning, I headed down for some much needed caffeine before I hoped on the bike. Was. Not. Feeling. It.

However, five minutes into the sixty minute sufferfest my mind had changed. I smiled as my output grew and my twigs said nothing. So, I sat in it and played games with my mind. I didn’t look at anybody else. Just rode against my PR (personal record). My heart is healing and it’s amazing how much connection there is between heart, lungs, and legs. I thought of my brother Steve and how much he struggled to breathe, how unhinged his heart had become, and I thanked God for the gift I’ve been given. I pushed and prayed. I pushed and pulled. I told myself to just keep working. So. I. Did. It’s good to be too lit at least some of the time. Too lit is a recipe to not quit. Too lit to quit. In fact, too lit = no quit. What are you thinking?

Live hard. Love harder…

3 thoughts on “Day 23 (Too lit)…

  1. No Peloton here, but when it turns cold I bring my bike in the basement and put it on a fluid friction trainer my kids got me a couple years back after I bought the bike. This morning I rode hard for 10 miles and slightly less hard for another 5. Felt good to push myself, to breath hard, to make my legs hurt. Felt good all day the slight ache in my legs and the way my lungs feel with every breath. It’s good. I know 15 miles isn’t much in the world of Peloton but it was a great ride for me! Maybe a new PR indoor ride, for sure this winter.

  2. Some of my most lit moments came while participating in The Great Banquet the last few years, a non-denominational retreat that takes place over a few days. Everything about it lights me up, the planning, the execution, the discussions. The questions from new friends and old, chats late at night and quiet time in the sanctuary. Shared meals and time to be quiet and write, away from the world’s distractions. COVID has put a damper on the gathering with the banquet community, so we’ve figured out ways to get around it, but how I long to plan retreats and worship together again.
    I would read until I got droopy, but then lie awake, staring at the ceiling, in anticipation of the next days events. Prayer and exhaustion would eventually lead to sleep, but I would wake early and without alarm, ready to lead and provide a great experience for others. To walk with them in their journey. The best evening of sleep would come Sunday evening, exhausted but filled to the brim with love. After 3 days of talks, worship, community and always learning something new, that 4th day is always about as LIT as it gets. So good.

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