Day 24 (Character)…

You are not your reputation, nor am I. We are what we repeatedly do, thanks Aristotle. We transform our behaviors beginning in our mind. As a man thinketh, right? We are called to a transformation of our beliefs, thoughts, and ultimately behaviors. Our character is ours to etch, to engrave, and to embolden. Our character development is a life long endeavor mostly done quietly in our room. My character is mine to mold.

I’m working on clarity, purity, and truth. I’m not worried about what you think but, just so you know, I’m finally working to think less of me and more of you. My character has been built on a strong sense of self that oftentimes melds into a character full of self looking down on others. I rush to judge and most of you come up wanting. So, I get a little higher and mightier, at least in my mind. These are the twisted tentacles of pride. The stronger my character the stronger the tentacles. Unintended consequence?

My character is a stained glass through which I see the world. The more cleaning within, the clearer my perspective and pride. Character development is hard opus. Starts with seeing and not looking away. Starts with the mirror not the window. Starts with a moral compass not a compare and compete. Starts with me. The stronger my character the stronger the twisted tentacles of pride. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Day 24 (Character)…

  1. Character develops in adversity as a result of my willingness to move toward the pain, to embrace the reality of it and to work through it. It produces both humility and pride, I think. Humility because I’m choosing to work through something that is bigger than me by submitting to the reality of something outside my control. Pride because I’m growing and developing character by facing it and working through it.
    This humility and pride paradox is one of several that have come to mind as I’ve thought deeper about my CORE. Another is around identity. It’s important to have clarity and consistency about who I am at all times to be authentic, loving and truthful in all my relationships and responses. At the same time, I must adapt to different roles and circumstances. I can be true to my CORE offering tender encouragement as a father and true to my CORE holding someone accountable at work with very different responses. The key elements of truth, love & respect are always there while the specific actions, tone, words, expressions, etc. are quite different. Clarity about who I am is necessary so that I can be clear about who I need to be in the situation at hand.

  2. Almost 4 weeks into yoga every day and I’m finding myself more mindful, more limber, stronger in my core, less reactive and (a bit) more at ease. It’s not a solution to tension, but it’s a tool that has become a practice that has improved my life. 20 minutes didn’t do it. 4 hours wouldn’t do it. Making it happen every single day, some days feeling like a yogi, and others falling on my arse, it doesn’t matter. The fact that I know how to stretch and move better to relieve acute pain comes from doing it over, and over again.
    My morning reading and writing has been a practice for a long time. Friends ask how I can do that, every morning. Well, when you practice, it becomes part of you. You absorb little bits from your reading, you reading something a new way that you’ve read time and time again, but it sticks differently this time. Alas, the practice it what changes you.
    Character gets etched, over time, I love that analogy. You don’t just snap your fingers. You etch. You rinse. you practice.

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