Day 25 (A few with nerve)…

Today, during practice 73 with a growing team of producers, we began with me reading this rant from Becoming Built to Lead. It was a good practice because a few grabbed the reins and spoke truth. In fact, some hard truth was spoken ccd in the moment. This is progress. We talked about the fact that there are no silver bullets, just lots of lead ones. We talked about leaders initiating and agitating. We talked about some self limiting beliefs. We talked. We practiced 7 good minutes and built some skill around the language of master connectors – we listened.

Today a few demonstrated leadership. A few replaced anxiety with an edge, a performance aggressive edge in fact. You and your team get better when you get better. There are no equal partnerships, friend, so stop keeping score. Give what you want to receive. Give more. Give the gift of understanding and you’ll be better and better understood. Focus on learning more about the process. Professionals, remember, fixate on process while amateurs get overwhelmed scoreboard watching. Slow down. Reflect. Write.

Live hard. Love harder…

1 thought on “Day 25 (A few with nerve)…

  1. Does lack of anxiety define me as a leader…excellent question. It’s interesting that a fellow committeeman would compliment me yesterday with, “I appreciate your great perspective and calm presence”. Yet some of my closest friends have warned me about being would up too tight. It turns out that being calm for others and leading with confidence, presence and detachment is exactly what the team needs. It also turns out that allowing tension to go unheeded just leads to hypertension and a very tight back, neck and shoulders. Turns out, I have to lead myself, first…A true lack of anxiety is in life, not just for certain people…

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