Day 28 (Model the way)…

Nobody remembers what you say. Nobody cares what you write. Nobody sees your good intentions. Nobody listens to your excuses. Nobody gives you the benefit of the doubt, at least not for long. Nobody worth attracting follows you for long unless you model the way and give more than you take.

Want more committed followers? Do more for them. Give them more than you take. Expect them to forget what you’ve done for them in a New York minute. Give, anyway. This is the model for Becoming BTL. Sucks to lead anyone and anything. You can only do it when you love the work and love the team more than you love the power, prestige, or position.

Every leader gets exactly the team they deserve. Want a better team? Become BTL. Become a better leader…

3 thoughts on “Day 28 (Model the way)…

  1. We do hard things… this is a principle I’m working to build into my day to day. I’ve come to realize the comfort is often the enemy of progress. It’s addictive, easily available, and numbing. It feels great in the immediate, but leaves a feeling of emptiness. Typically the hard thing is the right thing to do. There has never been a morning where I have gotten up early, without hitting snooze, knocked out a few routines, and didn’t feel better. Discipline feels good. Ask Jocko says, discipline equals freedom.

  2. Show up, pay attention and do the work.

    Show up: be present in the moment, be prompt, reliable, authentic and accountable, walk the talk. Where are we? Who else is here?

    Pay attention: First things first, listen, focus, empathy, context, root causes, cut through the BS. What’s happening? How can I help?

    Do the work: Lead, build, persist, keep going, get back up when knocked down, it’s not supposed to be easy. What needs to happen? What’s my part?

    These are the principles that have guided my journey.

  3. I’ve been forcing my CORE writing. There. I’ve said it. I read through it again today and felt like I was reading a bad linked-in headline. uggg. I scrapped it. Write more…
    I love the “bolted on” image. As I thought about “bolted on” I came back to 4 words tonight.
    Belief – and the power of “I believe in you”.
    Love – not fear.
    Time – it’s all those most important to us want from us. Time with our parents. Time with our kids. Time with our Lord.
    And finally, Grace. I once heard that if Justice is getting what we deserve, and mercy is not getting what we deserve, then Grace is getting what we do not deserve. What a gift, from God.

    Give what you want to receive. I think maybe Chet said that, I’m honestly not sure so I’m just hijacking it. I want belief, so I will give it, abundantly. I want to be loved and be surrounded by love, so I will live and love abundantly. I will give my time, joyfully, and show grace, especially with those closest to me. I give what I want to receive.

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