Day 31 (Compass and map)…

Downer came second. PJ came third. SLO was here first. We began by loading books from the basement to the garage as another client has ordered Becoming BTL for all 250 folks in his company. Blessed. Once the 19 boxes were loaded up we began our 45 minutes of core work. Everyone led. We laughed and we loathed Downer’s push up varieties. We laughed and we loathed the endless heavies and lunge pulses. We laughed and loved the peteyboyplanks. We can never get too much of those.

You see, for the 3PP crazies, working our physical core has become an internal affair – we don’t even think about it – we just do it. The stronger you become in your CORE, the more your actions will align as if by default. This is what happens when you build a second nature. Make no mistake, it is not by default. Building a second nature only happens when it’s designed. You, friend, are the chief architect of your life. You are on the hook, at a minimum, to lead you. Are you building a better nature than your default one of self centered and other controlling? Are you able to react without thinking in your MOT?

Your compass is your CORE. Does it point you due North? Slow down and write. Be hard on self, not down or high on self. Good…

P.S. My fellow Builder, Gu, will be writing here for the next month. Enjoy a month being Gu’ed…

3 thoughts on “Day 31 (Compass and map)…

  1. Taking the time to be intentional and thoughtful about how I respond, letting what I believe influence what I think takes discipline. Rather than react, based upon decades of subliminal training in a value system I don’t believe, I’m determined to pause and align my response with my intentional values based on Truth. Word, not world. Yes, I’m slowly realizing that my reaction are starting to align more with Truth and less based on the lies I grew up with. Progress.

  2. Growing up hunting and fishing in the woods, I learned the most important piece of information you need is to know where you are. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, or how great your tools are if you don’t know or can’t figure out that little piece of information. Dad would tell me it starts with me…
    Interesting that the past month has led to looking in, figuring out who I am, and understanding what it all means and how it all fits together. When we fall to the level of our training, our core best be strong. Best to know who we are and what we believe.

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