Day 33 (God and Arthur)…

….is not just a love story. God and Guinness by Stephen Mansfield is a love legacy.

When most of us think of the name Guinness we think of a Black & Tan or the Book of Records. God thinks differently. God thinks of Guinness as a name recorded in the Book of Life.

The story of Arthur Guinness seems weird to the world – a man whom God told “to make a drink that men will drink that will be good for them” becomes an inventor of a new kind of beer 260 years ago? Really? Who also started the first Sunday schools to educate the poor? Whose company gave their employees unheard of health care benefits in the 1700s? And had its own doctors who made house calls visiting all 3000 employees’ homes in 1901 to determine how to improve living conditions, producing sweeping reforms that extended to the neighboring community? And produced leader after leader traveling the world to do the same?

Guinness the company was weird because Arthur was weird.

BTL is weird because Toto is weird.

Toto is weird because his dad, a doctor himself, after working tirelessly in his office and on his rounds would come home, eat dinner, and then — with Toto in tote — make house calls to the poor, who couldn’t pay him. In 2003, Toto began a weird marketing strategy of giving his time away to pastors — who couldn’t pay him — and it became the tipping point behind BTL’s success. It’s also why I’m here – I was one of those pastors.

God’s wisdom is weird.

If you want to build a legacy like Arthur Guinness, think weird and apply Arthur’s wisdom. Develop an abundance mentality. Cultivate the heart of God, and then give the one ‘L of a difference away to your team and your clients. Build into your next generation of leaders. Challenge them to get weird — dare them to dream & do, and inspire them to live a life of OPUS.

What legacy are you building? Have you been thinking normal or thinking weird? Slow down and write…

1 thought on “Day 33 (God and Arthur)…

  1. I’ve been told normal pays the bills. Normal is the path. Normal is what people understand. Normal has never felt right. Normal was always kinda uncomfortable.
    I was once told that my employee retention rates were not normal…followed by “how to do you keep people around so long!?” My engagement with my employees was not normal. Our friendships were not normal.
    I believe I am here to be engaged in my roles as father, husband, son, brother and friend. I’m here to serve God, and others. I’m here to bring smiles, to listen, to relate and to share. I’m here to make the world a little bit better, every day. Some days, a lot better.
    I am getting the weirder part. The world wants my weirdest self…I just have to figure out what to do with it.

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