Day 47 (Galton)…

…is what history would term a child prodigy, because by age 4, Francis Galton knew Latin and long division.

We would term him a student of BTL, because in 1869, Galton (cousin of Darwin) published his first study on the origins of high achievement. Outliers, he believed, were remarkable in three ways: “they demonstrate unusual ‘ability’ in combination with exceptional ‘zeal’” and “the capacity for hard labor.” He was saying the elite are skilled, passionate, and have a penchant for hard labor.

BTL is for the few. CORE (skill). OPUS (passion). PoP (effort).

At BTL, we believe this is the recipe for the evolution you want.

Young individuals with a BTL strong CORE may look like prodigies, but Ericcson & Pool would say not true — they invest 10,000+ hours of intentional, deliberate practice evolving their own origin of species while others are becoming extinct.

Their zeal for incremental learnings and MOT are fueled by their passions — their labor of love. Mostly a gritty grind with occasional bursts of breakthrough, this evolution, known as the Builder’s Journey, is their great, lifelong, work called OPUS.

Their penchant for hard labor they sustain, not disdain, through their continuous un-natural selection of PoP.

What are you choosing, friend? Are you evolving, or going extinct? Is your natural selection what’s easy, or the transformation that will set you apart?

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

1 thought on “Day 47 (Galton)…

  1. Labor of love is getting clearer by the minute – it’s almost annoyingly clear. The challenge is finding how to do that more often, how to give that gift in present circumstances. What a great challenge, to figure out how to labor in love MORE.

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