Day 8 is all about perspective. All of us are gonna die. Few live. Fewer still, live well. My father in law, Nickies, is 101. He’s lived long and he’s lived well. Early Sunday morning he suffered a massive stroke and we’re all coming to grips with his mortality. We’ve all assumed he’ll just keep bouncing back. There’s no bouncing back from this one. Yesterday, we had a somber celebration of Missi’s brother with a bunch of family. Steve left us way to early about a month ago. Seems like a lifetime. Death is staring us down. I’m depressed and doing just fine. Miss is asleep on the couch in front of the fire. Krit and Jor are coming home. We are family and we are hurting together.

I write tonight not for sympathy but for therapy. I write to remind myself to live like it may be my last. I write to remember why I’m here and why meaning matters more. I write to get shit out and get clear about getting after it regardless the obstacle. I relate to King Phillip II. Live today, friends. In fact…

Live hard. Love harder. (Thanks, Teeks)…

5 thoughts on “Death…

  1. Thanks Chet!
    What a beautiful reminder for all of us! Nick is just a wonderful Man, he lived 10 lives all in one! Great entrepreneur, family man and a deep Faith in Christ! He was an inspiration to all!
    God Bless all of you!

  2. I’m covering you and your family in my prayers, Chet. I know how hard these yards are. And I know how sweet the promise and the reality is of eternity is with Jesus, who has secured heaven for our loved ones. And for us as we trust in Him.

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