Day 49 (Purpose)…

…is one of the distinctives that separate humans from the animal world. And it’s one of our universal top 5 fears — that we’ll come & go without it making any difference.

Millions of books are sold about finding purpose. There are no magic formulas, but Becoming BUILT TO LEAD will give you a framework, beginning with your worldview. Your core beliefs about why you’re here, who you are, and how to work and live are foundational. For example:

If you believe life’s a party and you only go around once, your purpose will be to grab for all the gusto you can.

If you believe life’s a bitch and then you die, your purpose will be to survive and minimize suffering.

If you believe life’s a free-for-all competition, your purpose will be to take care of #1.

If you believe life’s about revenge and retribution, your purpose will be to settle the score.

If you believe life is the gift of God, your purpose will be to honor God with how you steward it.

The BTL Builder’s Journey entails transformation of Worldview and Purpose from self-centered/other-controlling (fear-based/scarcity mentality) to core-centered/self-controlling (love-based/abundance mentality).

Self-Centered/Other-Controlling ==> Core-Centered/Self-Controlling

Purpose begins with worldview, but it comes to life when you discover your identity — what makes you distinct. When you’re awakened, challenged and transformed into the distinct, authentic, and mature version of you, you will be ready to fulfill your purpose — bringing your distinct gifts, strengths, inspirations, culture, character, competencies, personality, and passions to others around you. You will discover the freedom to give. You will also discover a new oneness within as you live out your CORE Purpose in all the different roles that come and go in life.

One of the tools I’ve found helpful to generate vocabulary for writing your CORE Purpose is Gallup’s StrengthFinders 2.0 by Tom Rath. Gallup has compiled an online instrument to discover your top five strengths — what gives you energy. There’s just under thirty-four million combinations of the thirty-four strength themse, so the odds of finding anyone with the same top 5 (let alone same order) are akin to a DNA sequence. They give you language to describe your hardwiring — and for writing out your Purpose (the ‘P’ for your OPUS). Here’s mine (my #1 is ‘relator’):

My Purpose is to help others relate to why they’re here, who they are, and how
to work & live using their strengths & gifts —
with clarity, depth, comprehensiveness, significance, and alignment.

What are your top 5, friend? How about a rinse of your love tos… and then v1.0 of your Purpose, please.

Your OPUS focus just got clearer. Good.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

2 thoughts on “Day 49 (Purpose)…

  1. “Your strengths aren’t what you’re good at — they’re what give you energy.“ This is an absolutely amazing statement. Very well said. I seek to fight and strive every moment of every day… advancing from strength to strength. An amazing life of beauty and adventuresome. I fail often, but keep fighting on. Thank you for your words.

  2. It’s been a few years, but the last time I took strengths finder was:

    As Kyle mentioned above, looking at this in the light of giving me energy has opened this wide up and I’m still digesting / writing about it. My ability to imagine what could be gives vision to others. I’m responsible for my path and will do anything to get one step closer. When I tune into something, there’s not much that will break that focus. The ability to relate to others opens the door to share my gifts and God’s ultimate gift of love. I’m learning more and more where your nickname comes from. Thanks.

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