Day 57 (Truth does not harm)…

…it heals, even though it may hurt and make you miserable before it does.

First you must know the truth, which takes humility and courage. It takes humility to put yourself in the learner’s seat. It takes courage to decide you can handle the truth, no matter what Jack Nicholson says. With humility and courage, you take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole as far as you choose to go.

The simple but tricky thing about truth is whatever it’s not is a lie, and not knowing what’s true leaves only two options — either believing a lie or not believing anything. Neither will serve you well, unless you want to settle for life in the Matrix, where “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Either truth matters or it doesn’t. If there isn’t truth, then nothing really matters, and rue-minating about it is what my wife, a counselor, would term ‘me-sturbation’ (psycho-babble for futile speculation). But if there is truth, then everything matters — and ignoring it is anything but bliss.

Our BTL purpose is premised on the proposition there is truth, you can know it, it does not harm, it heals, and it will set you free. Free to live as you were designed to live — no longer a lone but all ONE — one, distinct and deeply connected. One ‘L of a difference. This is what building a BTL strong CORE is all about.

When it comes to telling what you believe to be the truth, you don’t have to raise your right hand, put your left hand on whatever you swear by, or repeat after me. You must, however — to be effective in your relationships — tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing else but the truth, so help you God. And speak this truth in love with the right people at the right time for the right reasons in the right way. Simple, not easy. This takes wisdom — knowledge of truth, and knowing how to apply it. Don’t suffer fools for judges. This is a high calling.

Do you believe there is truth? Is truth knowable? Is truth worthy of the Builder’s Journey?

At BTL we believe there is only one right answer.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

1 thought on “Day 57 (Truth does not harm)…

  1. I believe there is truth, and it’s found through relationship with Him. I often find, as I’ve grown and learned, that the line in Mark, “I do believe, help my unbelief” is the perfect line for the valleys. It’s easy to believe when you are riding a nice wave of blessing, but it’s in the valleys we have to ask for help. The only way to build that relationship, and secure my belief, is to continually practice every day by reading, praying and serving. This has been an awesome month of reflection and learning. Those that work with you are truly blessed by your knowledge and wisdom, thank you!

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