Day 58 1/2 (Bowl of cheerios)…

…is not a typo, nor is it in the book Becoming BUILT TO LEAD.

Starting this Day 59, we get the gift of Andrew Teitelbaum — our newest BTL builder — who will be our coxen the next month, inspiring us to row together as ONE in a boat known as BTL. After all, March is the beginning of crew season.

It’s rare air to learn at the feet of an entrepreneur and leader like Andy, who founded a Midwest rowing program at Ohio State to compete with elite Ivy League programs. Andy’s teams didn’t just compete — they dominated, winning nine Big 10 titles and three NCAA Division I National Championships (in a “row”, barely missing a fourth when they finished runner-up).

Andy met Toto a couple years ago when Ohio State started BTL practice for head coaches, and he’s been apprenticing with me on Zoom nearly every day the past year to master the BTL framework and launch his new craft in the midst of COVID. He has me to thank for his “Dorothy” nickname — there are no shortcuts on the Builder’s Journey, but if there’s ever been a new builder you know has the ruby slippers to make it to their Dream State, it’s Andy.

Andy taught me something funny about a difference between Jews and Protestants when it comes to social gatherings — “Jews say good-bye and never leave, and Protestants leave without ever saying good-bye!”

So lest I be ru(e)de, consider this my February farewell, “Cheerio, my BTL friends, cheerio.” My dear Jewish builder-in-training will be posting Day 59 (Bowl of cherries) later today. Get ready for practice with Andy — I have a feeling March will be coming in like a lion — a Lion of Judah.

Embrace it. Live it. Love it (Thanks, Toto)…

4 thoughts on “Day 58 1/2 (Bowl of cheerios)…

  1. Thanks for your daily thought-provoking and inspired comments this past month, Gu. Much appreciated. Looking forward to March with some fresh insights from Andy.

  2. Amen! And thank you, Gu, for blessing us with your divine February rants. Your words are already bearing lasting fruit. Excited for Dorothy’s month of rants. Thank you for building us all.

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